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Massage and beauty treatments help you reconnect with yourself and invest time into the wellbeing of one of the most important people in your

At mindbodi we take the time to listen to you, understand what is important to you and how to help you tap into what your body and mind needs to bring a level of piece and calmness into your world.


I am a fitness professional with more than 25 years experience in the personal training, group fitness, health, diet and wellbeing industry. Through my journey I have realised the importance of investing time back into your body is a  vital part of a healthy routine. 


As a trained beauty therapist I can provide you with a treatment package to meet your beauty needs that will leave you feeling rejuvenated for both your mind and bodi.    

mindbodi is a business that was established to help and support people at every stage of their fitness & wellbeing journey and we are here to help you be your best.

Listen to your body when you are working at your best, when you are feeling fatigue, or just new to your fitness journey. And most of all take the time you deserve to do what makes you feel alive !

Rachel  xx

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